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Tamahina Ekaterina Yurievna, Postgraduate student, Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute (417a Lenina street, Stavropol, Stavropol region, Russia),

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Background. The acoustic sphere of Anna Akhmatova’s lyrics is a poorly known aspect in the outline of the overall study of the poet. Therefore, the relevance of the work is conditioned both by the underdevelopment of the material, and the value of acoustics for better understanding of Anna Akhmatova’s lyrical subject. The purpose of the work is to establish the role and function of auditory images and experiences in individual works with the love theme through the analysis thereof; to restore the psychological traits and the state of the lyrical subject.
Materials and methods. The study involved more than 30 poems mainly from early lyrics. The observations are grouped and arranged in separate thematic units, put up in a logical sequence.
Results. After analyzing the poems of the author, it has been noted that the acoustic images and impressions are found in many works of A. Akhmatova, play an important role in the structure of works that reveal and convey meanings that cannot be retrieved from the analysis of other elements of the verse of the poetess.
Conclusions. The researcher concludes that the beginning sound in Akhmatova’s lyrics helps to create a single picture that captures the emotions of the lyrical subject; the auditory images broadcast the most relevant information about the world, pass on the secret knowledge, inaccessible to the uninitiated; the acoustic environment can create the emotional background of a poem, indicate relationships of characters; stringing auditory impressions – one of the techniques of text construction in which the acoustic code becomes a key to its understanding; acoustic signals can also be metonymic expressions of other emotions and feelings: longing, love, pain.

Key words

love poems, lyrical subject, female character, auditory, auditory impressions

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